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Day Walks can commence - subject to conditions  

Hi All,

As you know, last Friday, the NSW Government had relaxed lock down rules to an extent that now allows us to start running day trips in groups of up to 10 people.

After seeing that the relaxed rules are still in place after the weekend  - the Committee has decided to allow Day Trips to go out as of now.


There are, however, some important rules to follow:

  • Party size: No more than 10 people on a trip. Leaders may decide to impose a lower party size limit.
  • Keep > 1.5m between people.
  • For Sydney based people, travel is restricted to the Greater Sydney Area. Travel to regional areas is still not permitted.
  • Minimise shared transport - such as car pooling.
  • Consider not using public transport during peak periods.
  • "No touch" sign-in process. Leaders - see below for more about this.
  • On narrow bush tracks, step off the track to let other people pass.
  • No overnight trips.


Do not join the trip if you;

  • Are unwell or have any flu like symptoms.
  • Are self-isolating (say after an overseas trip or awaiting test results).


Follow these personal hygiene rules:

  • Wash hands (often)
  • Cover when you cough or sneeze.
  • Avoid physical contact (nod or bow instead of handshake).
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Do not share food or water.
  • Do not share devices around (eg showing photos on your phone).


Follow advice from NSW Health: Click here for details

To assist the Health Authorities with contact tracing, we recommend that people download the COVIDSafe App. (if your phone can handle it)



  • The Committee will support Leaders' decisions on whether to proceed or not.
  • Check the National Parks Alerts page for access restrictions and additional COVID related rules.
  • Leaders, please be understanding that there may be a higher than usual number of withdrawals as members are likely to be more conservative about using public transport or walking in a group.
  • If you arrive at a national park or other public space and it is too crowded to practice social distancing, it is your responsibility to leave the area. Do not wait to be instructed by NPWS or police
  • Conduct a "No Touch" sign-in process. The Leader is to put a tick against all walkers present on the Leader's Form and advise that they hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Waiver. Read out the Terms and conditions if required.
  • Given the party size limit of 10 and no overnight trips on the horizon, it is likely that more than the usual number of day walks per week will be needed to meet demand. 
  • As always, to put a trip on the program - use this link: Submit a Trip
  • By all means, have a think about leading overnight or extended trips beyond June 2020 - they can be put on the program in the hope that National Parks will allow overnight camping by then and that regional travel will be allowed.


It is good to see that the Club is able to go out on Day Trips again - perhaps a bit earlier than originally expected. We look forward to the day when overnight & extended trips will again grace our Walks Program. 

If you have any queries or comments please reply to this email or login to the members forum and post comments on this subject.