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Walks Program

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Jun 15 (Sat) BLUE MOUNTAINS NP - Bushcare
Galong Creek, Megalong Valley. Tree planting and maintenance. Working in a new area, it is a level site. All new volunteers have to log on to the NPWS VIP site (just the once) and complete the registration. There is always a job to do, come have great day and good morning tea from Parks. DISTANCE: SHORT. TRIP GRADE: EASY MAPS: JENOLAN 1:25000. TRANSPORT: $5

We start with a short walk to the fascinating and historic Blair Athol Coal Mine Old Mine tunnel to the subterranean pool - bring a torch. Then we`ll walk the scenic heath land tracks to the marvelous Ikara, Thor and Asgard Heads along the high plateau of the Upper Grose Valley near Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains. Meet at Blackheath Café/Bakery, superb quiches, pies, great cakes, amazing bread and coffee. Catch train to Blackheath station . We follow the very scenic track to Thor Head for unforgettable views to striking Upper Grose canyons, gullies, Kamarah Bluff,Birrabang Canyon and Dalpura Head. Amazing geology, wildflowers and forests below us and colourful post-bushfire regrowth. Unusual Fungi this year after the rain. Magnificent jaw dropping views down the Grose Valley. We`ll follow the Thor Ridge downhill for short distance for even more astounding scenery and return. Clear and easy walking due to 2020 bushfires. On to Asgard head for great views to Victoria Falls. Return to cars at 4.15 pm. Distance about 12 kms, optionals. No big uphills - mostly flat, unhurried pace. DISTANCE: EASYMEDIUM. TRIP GRADE: EASYMEDIUM MAPS: MOUNT WILSON TRANSPORT: TRAIN TO BLACKHEATH STATION

Springwood, Sassafrass Gully, Glenbrook Creek, Perch Ponds, Magdala Creek, Springwood. DISTANCE: MEDIUM. TRIP GRADE: MEDIUM MAPS: SPRINGWOOD TRANSPORT: TRAIN ** Trip rescheduled from 14/06/2024 **

Jun 19, 20 Wed/Thu BLUE MOUNTAINS NP
Victoria Falls carpark, Victoria Falls and on to Burra Korain campsite. We will then stroll down the Grose River, to check out the condition of the track. DISTANCE: SHORT. TRIP GRADE: EASY/MEDIUM MAPS: MOUNT WILSON. TRANSPORT: $

Manly Wharf, Collins Beach, wander up and explore the area at a leisurely pace, enjoy the views from the upgraded Fairfax Lookouts (Burragula and Yiningma) and return to Manly via Shelley Beach. Swimming optional; historic interest. DISTANCE: MEDIUM. TRIP GRADE: EASY MAPS: SYDNEY STREET DIRECTORY. TRANSPORT: $FERRY OR BUS

Point Clare Station, a bit of a hill to start, Coorrumbine Creek Fire trail, the Hieroglyphs, Koolewong Firetrail, Spike Milligan Bridge, Woy Woy Station. Some fire trail and track walking, look for aboriginal carvings, about 11km – excellent views of Brisbane Water and beyond. DISTANCE: MEDIUM. TRIP GRADE: MEDIUM MAPS: BEST WALKS OF THE CENTRAL COAST. TRANSPORT: PUBLIC

Jul 20 (Sat) BLUE MOUNTAINS NP - Bushcare
Galong Creek, Megalong Valley. Tree planting and maintenance. Working in a new area, it is a level site. All new volunteers have to log on to the NPWS VIP site (just the once) and complete the registration. There is always a job to do, come have great day and good morning tea from Parks. DISTANCE: SHORT. TRIP GRADE: EASY MAPS: JENOLAN 1:25000. TRANSPORT: $50

Jul 20, 21 MORTON NP (Q)
Talaterang Mountain, On track from Mt Bushwalker car park, Mt Bushwalker lookout, Gadara Pass, Palin Pass to the top of Talaterang Mt, then off track to camp on the south western flank. Fantastic views east to the coast, south west to Byangee and west to the Budawangs. Small amount of bush bashing. Scrambling, steep ascents and descents. Exposed Rock platform camping. Experienced walkers only. Party limit 6. DISTANCE: MEDIUM. TRIP GRADE: MEDIUM/HARD MAPS: TIANJARA, MILTON. TRANSPORT: $91
** Note: This Trip also appears on the Walks Program of - South Coast Bushwalkers. **

Jul29-Aug8 KAKADU NP (QQ)
A walk across the Arnhem Land plateau from Flying Fox Ford on the South Alligator River to Jim Jim Falls. Highlights include Koolpin Gorge, Lost Watch Pool, Pandani Pool, Twin Falls Creek, Amphitheatre Falls/Pool, Rain Forest Creek (Steps Falls), Jim Jim Creek/Falls and several Aboriginal art sites. This walk is only for those fit and experienced walkers who can handle hot walking conditions and warm overnights. Average day temps. 30-33 degrees, nights 17-20 degrees. Also includes some scrambling, scrubby country and walking over stone country. Expect a few stings from irate Green Ants when walking through their country! The Med/Hard grading means just that because of the heat and humidity and we may have to carry extra water on 1 or 2 days. No food drops. Campfires allowed. Mozzie nets needed, tent optional, lightweight tarp may come in handy if it rains, chance less than 10%. Note: This walk is subject to approval from Traditional Owners (TOs), Kakadu N Parks and securing transport to and from Darwin. We usually find out about approval Feb - March. Walk is FULL. Contact leader about being put on EOI wait list. DISTANCE: MEDIUM. TRIP GRADE: MEDIUM/HARD MAPS: 1:50000, KOOLPIN, JIM JIM FALLS, 1:100000, JIM JIM TRANSPORT: $LOTS

Switzerland, The Alpine Pass Route traversing Switzerland from Sargans in the east, to Montreux in the west. Flight to Zurich, train to Sargans and from Montreux. Leader will be arriving earlier and staying on in Switzerland after the walk. 19 stages following the original Alpine Pass Route crossing 16 alpine passes for a total of 23,000m of elevation. Many variations possible including transport and heavily dependent on weather conditions. The walk will be structured with time to enjoy the villages and the alpine scenery, possible side trips if unfavourable weather on the passes. In order to travel light, have flexibilty with our itinerary and stay in remote locations, accommodation will vary from guesthouses to basic huts and possibly some ultralight camping. Accommodation will be basic but we will buy meals along the way, with the biggest expense likely to be restaurant meals each night. In order to facilitate travel and access to tourist sites, it’s expected that only a small, light pack will be carried with a bare minimum of gear, please contact me for more details. Party limit; Exploratory. DISTANCE: LONG. TRIP GRADE: MEDIUM/HARD/EXPLORATORY MAPS: swisstopo. TRANSPORT: $APPROX 3000

(I have now been able to finalise the dates with CSR.) A two-week trip with possible extensions, car camping with day walks of varying levels of length and difficulty. Six nights with a base camp at Billabong Campsite in the beautiful Carnarvon Station Reserve, a Bush Heritage property now largely rehabilitated from pastoral damage, followed by four nights in the spectacular Mount Moffatt Section of Carnarvon NP. I plan to drive home with short stays at Timmallallie NP in the Pilliga and the Warrumbungles to view the spring wildflowers. High clearance 4WDs are essential for access to the Carnarvon Station Reserve, and can be hired from Cunnamulla or Roma. Vehicles of at least AWD Forester-type standard are needed for Mt Moffatt. Bookings (for vehicles, campsites and motels/caravan parks while travelling) will need to be made many months in advance. Walking mostly on tracks, but with a few off-track exploratory excursions in rough terrain. We will need to take all our own water and fuel into Carnarvon Station Reserve.Party limit of 12. DISTANCE: MEDIUM. TRIP GRADE: EASY/MEDIUM/EXPLORATORY MAPS: Vandyke, Consuelo, Warrong, Mt Howe 1:100000 TRANSPORT: $LOTS

7 nights/8 days. Walk on Vancouver Island (just off Vancouver). Take the bus to Pachena Bay, walk from there to Michigan Creek, Tsusiat Falls, Cribs Creek, Walbran Creek, Camper Bay, Thrasher Cove, finish at Gordon River, and bus back to Victoria. Forest walking, beach walking, suspension bridges, ladders, cable cars, bears, and mud. Stoves only. A permit is required and can be booked on the web at . This walk is normally booked out in January. There are spaces for 29 August available now (as of 8 June 2024). Fly to Vancouver, ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island, bus to the walk start. There is a description of the walk here . DISTANCE: MEDIUM. TRIP GRADE: MEDIUM/HARD MAPS: WEST COAST TRAIL BOOK. TRANSPORT: $LOTS

Kanangra Rd, Whalans fire trail, Belarah fire trail, Ferny Flat, Whalania Ck, Nooroo Buttress, Mt Guouogang (1291m), Ferny Flat, return same way. A c.900m rocky descent to Whalania Ck (camp) then a rock scramble up this very steep narrow and sometimes almost razorback ridge 990m to Mt Guouogang. Arguably the highest ridge in the KBNP. This is only for very experienced fit walkers who not afraid of heights and exposure. Stunning views of Mt Paralyser and Whalania Deep. Walk won’t go out if rain predicted. Bring stoves. Max. 6. Possible scrub on the Krungle Bungle Range. DISTANCE: MEDIUM. TRIP GRADE: VERY HARD MAPS: JENOLAN TRANSPORT: $77. ** Trip has been rescheduled from May 11-12 ** .