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Based on an email sent out to all members on 14 Jan 2022.

Excepting trips which also appear on the Walks Program of another Club or trips classified as "Social/Historical", all participants on a programmed CMW Trip must be signed up as a member or Prospective Member of CMW.

If you wish to allow a non-member* on a trip, direct them to the Application Form on the website:


It only takes 5 or 6 minutes to submit the form.

Prospective Membership is FREE for 12 months. This rule is
necessary for your legal protection, accident insurance
coverage and safety for all members of your Party.


* If you can't find the person using the name search on the Trip Intentions Form - or the member status returned shows as "Ex Member" then you can assume the person 

is a non-member. If in doubt, please email the Membership Secretary -

An Ex Member who wishes to return to the Club needs to contact the Membership Secretary and if approved by the Committee, pay the appropriate fee.