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How to Join a Walk with Coast and Mountain Walkers

Become a Member

You need to be signed up as a Prospective Member or Full Member to come on our trips. Prospective Membership costs $20 for up to 12 Months. ( Details on how to become a member of CMW)  If you are new to Bushwalking, we suggest booking on one or more day walks to meet experienced members and enjoy a club day in the bush while gaining bushwalking experience.


For membership enquiries and information about the club, contact our Membership Secretary Anne - (Please direct all other correspondence to our postal address: CMW Secretary, C/- Rob Simon, 22 Bruce Rd. Glenbrook NSW 2773).

Before The Walk

  • Contact the leader a minimum of a week before the date the walk begins and ask to be included.

  • Check with the leader for any special requirements, such as specific camping gear, water and food rations etc. and also notify the leader of any of their special requirements e.g. medical conditions or allergies.

  • Transport is arranged by the leader and party members, either individually or sharing with other members as suits the group. The club encourages transport sharing, to minimise car usage and defray running costs, passengers pay their drivers the amount specified on the walks program.

  • Before the walk starts, you must sign the club's waiver form. The leader fills out a trip intention form which is left with someone who is aware of where and when the group intend to return in case of emergencies.

During The Walk: HAVE FUN

  • Take photos, get to know your group members better and enjoy the beautiful landscape you are travelling through.

  • Keep in contact with the group, particularly when traversing difficult terrain. If you are separated from the group and are not sure of the route to be taken, walk to the last known point where you were in touch with the group and stay there so they can find you again.

  • Details of the procedure that will be implemented in the event of a late return, including a list of these contacts, will be presented to you when you become a prospective member.

After The Walk

  • We are always looking for stories to publish in the club magazine. Write up your walk and send it in for other members to enjoy.

  • Send in your photos! These can be used in the magazine either by themselves or with your walk report.

  • Give a talk at a club meeting. Other members love to hear what great walks are out there and what beautiful areas can be explored.

The Club's Walks Program

  • Changes to the Club's Walks program are sent out via email to all full and prospective members.