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CMW Bushwalk Trip Grades and Distances

Trip Distances

SHORT: Under 10 km to be covered in one day.

MEDIUM: 10 km to 20 km to be covered in one day.

LONG: Over 20 km to be covered in one day.


Note: Ascending or descending 100 metres is counted as 1 km.


Trip Grades



Good walking track, firetrail walking, beaches or open bushland without scrub. Relatively flat terrain.






Rougher walking track, moderate climbs and descents, may include off-track walking and/ or creek/river walking with light scrub.

Many people who haven’t been on a full day bushwalk before find EASY/MEDIUM walks quite hard.





Rough tracks, off-track route with patches of thicker scrub, steeper longer climbs/descents, may include some rocky creek walking, walking along cliff edges. Reasonable level of fitness, agility and experience required. Many people who haven’t walked off-track before find these walks quite hard.





Mainly off-track walking with some thick scrub sections, long climbs/descents, some scrambling MEDIUM/HARD(i.e. steep ascending or descending using hands and pack hauling), some rough rocky creek walking / rock hopping. Experienced walkers only.



Includes at least some of: Thick scrub, difficult creeks, rock-hopping, rock-scrambling, very steep ascents and/or descents. Strenuous walking over difficult terrain much of which is often unfamiliar to the Leader.HARD




Leader has not been to the area and does not know what to expect. 

Important Note: Only walks with trip grades Easy, Easy/Medium or possibly Medium could be considered suitable for people new to bushwalking.