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Coast and Mountain Walkers Search & Rescue Procedure and Contacts

If you are a relative or friend of someone on a walk, and that person has not returned when expected, the first thing to remember is DON'T PANIC. Coast and Mountain Walkers, along with Bushwalking NSW, have well-organised procedures in place to deal with such a situation.


1.) Party overdue. Overdue parties are usually fine, but have hit some situation that has caused a delay (swollen creek, bogged vehicle etc). Wait about 15 hours after the expected return time before calling one of the CMW Search and Rescue Contacts below. If you have been left a copy of the Leader's Form (Trip Intentions Form), have that handy when you call. The club's Search and Rescue contacts have access to this form also, as well as lots of other needed information, if a search turns out to be necessary.


Jeff Howard

9807 3649 (H) 0408 960 274 (M)

Duncan Cross

9743 5128 (H) 0414 813 958 (M)

Alan Dixon

9799 6139 (H) 0409 902 168 (M)

Dani Gentle

9608 3229 (H) 0427 123 203 (M)


If you cannot contact any of these people, then contact the Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad, on: 0427 455 897.
There will be a delayed response of about 10 seconds - do not hang up.

Note: Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue will contact the Police. Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue are the rescue section attached to Bushwalking NSW Inc., the umbrella group for bushwalking clubs in NSW.


2.) Locator Beacon activated. If you have been rung by AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) because your friend's/relative's Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) has been activated, the situation is more urgent. Acknowledge that the party is in the area where the beacon has gone off, and give any other information that you have. If you have a copy of the Trip Intentions Form (Leaders Form), there is useful information on that. If needed, state that you will try to obtain more information about the party. Get a contact number for the person ringing from AMSA, then ring one of the contacts above so they can start obtaining all the information that authorities want, if you do not have it.


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