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How to start bushwalking with Coast and Mountain Walkers


If you enjoy a walk in the bush, but have little bushwalking experience and find the concept of camping overnight a little daunting, we can brief you with enough basic information to allow you to take this exciting next step.


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Join us as a visitor (no charge) on an Introductory Day Walk to meet experienced members and enjoy a Club day in the bush while learning about overnight bushwalking.


Photo of lots of tents on a flat area in the high country


If you wish to take the next step, sign up as a Prospective Member (which is FREE for up to 12 Months) and we will guide you to appropriate qualifying (Q) walks.


Contact the leader of the walk or our Membership Secretary, Alan at 02 9799 6139, or email to express interest in an Introductory Day Walk and they will give you full details.


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